Refund Policy

We are entirely reliant on ticket sales and silent auctions to cover the cost of our events. We set our prices at the minimum we can manage to cover these costs (not to make a profit). The costs that we incur include speaker fees/honorariums, speaker accommodation and travel, the cost of food, venue rental costs, and other incidental costs for promotion and supplies.

If after purchasing a ticket your schedule changes such that you are unable to attend an event, we will issue you a refund as follows:

  • Full refund if request received 3 months prior to the event less PayPal surcharges (if any).
  • 50% refund if request received 2 months before the event less PayPal surcharges (if any).
  • No refund 1 month before the event, but fee will go toward supporting a deserving student or someone in financial need and you will be listed as a donor in our  programme.
  • No refunds on memberships or donations.