The Ottawa Children’s Literature Roundtable has been in existence since 1990. Our members are teachers, authors, librarians, storytellers, retirees, and other local people who are all interested in children’s literature. We meet to share and discuss good books, meet authors and illustrators, encourage Canadian talent as well as promote literacy, publishing, and the love of reading. We have a membership of about 50 people and are (still) looking for ways to market ourselves better and to become better known in the community.

We meet on a fairly ad hoc basis. Our Annual General Meeting is usually in January. It will be held on Wednesday, January 30th this year. The meeting includes business reports for the past year, plans for the coming year and the sharing of a favourite book, with a theme set each year, such as a favourite book from our youth, the best book of the past year, etc.

In 2001 we sponsored presentations by authors Tanya Roberts-Davis, Eric Walters, and Sheree Fitch. In the past, most of our author readings were video taped and we hope to be able to continue the practice in the future. We apply for Canada Council grants when we can and we try to tie in with other organizations or schools when they bring authors to Ottawa. This year we also invited a professor from Carleton University to speak about her course, “Wizardry, Fantasy, Magic and the Harry Potter Phenomenon”.

For the first time the Ottawa Roundtable organized a gala evening at which more than 20 local authors were celebrated with readings from their books and book sales & signings. It was a lot of fun and we are planning a similar activity for the fall of 2002. We participated in the selection of the Information Book Award winner by having the books on the shortlist available at three local libraries in September and October. Members had the opportunity to vote in person, by phone, mail, or e-mail.

Contact people:
Chair: Mr. Michel René de Cotret
1645 Farnsworth, Ottawa.
K1H 7Z2.
( h. 613-733-9000, w. 613-733-7124)
[email protected]

National Contact:
Ms. Barbara Herd.
Director, Public Services, Ottawa Public Library,
101 Centrepointe Drive,
Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7
(h. 613-526-5050,
w. 613-727-6700 Ext 303,. fax 613-727-6677)
[email protected]

Ms. Jennifer Johnson.
The Children’s Department,
Ottawa Public Library, Rosemount Branch,
18 Rosemount Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K1Y 1P4.
(h. 613-728-2130, w. 613-729-8664 Ext 5)
[email protected]

Canada Council Rep:
Hélène Merritt
The Children’s Department,
Ottawa Public Library, Sunnyside Branch,
1049 Bank Street,
Ottawa, ON K1S 3W9
(w. 613-730-1082. Ext. 29, fax 613-730-2884)
[email protected]

Newsletter Editor:
Mary Collis
46 Bower Avenue,
Ottawa, ON K1S 0K3
(h. 613-236-6737) .
[email protected]