How to contribute

Here’s how to contribute:

  • Authors—you are invited to submit up to 250 words describing the ways that JS’s* work has supported and/or influenced your creative work.
  • UBC Faculty, current and former, SLAIS, LLED, English, Education, CRWR—you are invited to submit up to 100 words describing the ways that JS’s work has supported and/or influenced your scholarship and teaching.
  • Current and former MACL and iSchool (SLAIS) students—you are invited to submit up to 50 words describing the ways that JS’s work has supported or influenced your studies and career.
  • Colleagues in publishing and academia outside of UBC—you are invited to submit up to 100 words describing JS’s contributions to the field of children’s literature and their impact upon your publishing and scholarship.

We encourage creative—even zany—submissions. Accordingly, please feel free to express yourself using a suggestion from the list below or another creative form of your choice . . .

  • visual art (scanned or original)
  • academic-style blurbs
  • personal testimonials and tributes
  • creative writing
  • unexpected celebrations of JS’s work, such as lists, acrostic poems, doodles, etc.
  • excerpts from theses JS has supervised and/or examined (academic and creative)
  • photographs from throughout JS’s professional life (send high quality scanned versions, as originals will not be returned. Please include (if known) date, names of people in photo, and photo credit.)

Each submission will go through an editorial process and may be altered. While we will try to make every effort to include all submissions, we can’t promise to put every submission into our published book since space will be limited. We look forward to your contributions. We are deeply appreciative of the time you put into doing this for JS and will carefully consider them all. We will also be creating a single, hard copy scrapbook that will contain every submission (including original artwork), so JS will be aware of your contribution.

Our hope is to provide an opportunity for all those who have admired JS’s work and benefited from her dedication to the field, to teaching, and to Canadian Children’s literature to have a voice. You will be “present” as she retires—wherever you are in the world.

As you likely know, it’s incredibly difficult to keep secrets from JS. Nevertheless, we’re attempting to make this commemorative book a surprise. So . . . ssssshhhhhh!!!! JS will receive this special gift at a retirement celebration in March 2016.

Books and banquet tickets are available for purchase—click the link below for details.

Thank you for helping to celebrate JS’s impressive professional accomplishments.

*We’ve had to use JS instead of her full name to avoid the likelihood of her finding these pages in a Google search.

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