About the students who made the Information Book Award trailers

2014 Information Book Award Video Trailers

We thank Professors Eric Meyers and Judi Saltman for production support and coordination of the video-making; and we thank the following students for creating the book trailers.

Before the World Was Ready: Stories of Daring Genius in Science by Claire Eamer.  Annick. Book trailer by Eka Grguric.

Ekatarina Grguric is an MLIS candidate at UBC. She is interested in Libraries, Human Computer Interaction, and old books

Follow Your Money by Kevin Sylvester and Michael Hlinka. Annick. Book trailer by Stephanie Fan.

Stephanie Fan is pursuing her Masters in Library and Information Sciences at UBC. She is specifically interested in the intersection of data, technology, and user-behaviour.

Looks Like Daylight by Deborah Ellis. Groundwood. Book trailers by Inti Dewey and Anna Ferri, and Saeyong Kim and Kelly Savage.

Inti A. Dewey is an MLIS candidate at UBC. Before he came to UBC, he was a circus performer in Germany. Inti speaks English, German, and Spanish, and he is trying to improve his French. He loved Caramba and the idea that all cats fly, of course.

Anna Ferri is an MLIS candidate at UBC and BCLA Executive Board student representative. She presented on public library and health library collaborations at the CLA 2014 conference, and is working on a research project on Readers’ Advisory using an automated book recommendation machine.

Sae Yong Kim has a Master of Arts in Children’s Literature from UBC and is currently in the MLIS program at SLAIS. Her interests include picture books, graphic novels, folktales, oral storytelling, and translation.

Kelly Savage is an MLIS candidate and will be graduating this spring. She spent the past summer in a tiny library in British Columbia’s beautiful north and came away from the experience with a passion for getting books into the hands of kids.

Pay It Forward Kids: Small Acts, Big Change by Nancy Runstedler. Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Book trailer by Sadie Tucker and Nikky McCarvill.

Sadie Tucker is in the MLIS program at UBC. She is interested in information literacy skills in children and community outreach. Working at the VPL since 2002, she has learned a great deal about community-led libraries (and calming people down after they find out they have 30 cents in fines).

Nicole McCarvill is a Master of Library and Information Studies candidate at UBC.

Pedal It! How Bicycles Are Changing the World by Michelle Mulder. Orca. Book trailers by Hiller Goodspeed and Alex Matheson, MLIS students; and Chris Owen and Kathleen Forrester, MACL students.

Hiller Goodspeed is currently pursuing his MLIS with a focus on youth services at UBC. He enjoys eating Indian food, riding public transportation, and being a responsible library patron.

Alex Matheson, a transplant from the Maritimes, is in the MLIS program at UBC. He also volunteers at Out On the Shelves Library at QMUNITY. In the future, he hopes to work in a public library in children’s services.

Christopher Owen is a Master of Arts in Children’s Literature student at UBC. Winner of the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Christopher is working on a thesis investigating representations of systemic oppression in children’s portal-quest fantasy novels.

Kathleen Forrester is completing her Master of Arts in Children’s Literature at UBC. Her research interests include: magic realism, narratology, gender theory, Indigenous texts, memory studies, and postmodern picture books.