The talented Mariko Tamaki will be speaking at Serendipity 2015. Have you got your ticket?

TamakiIf you live in Canada, it’s pretty much impossible not to have heard about Mariko Tamaki. Along with her cousin Jillian Tamaki, Mariko has written the critically acclaimed graphic novels Skim (2008) and This One Summer (2014). She has also published a number of novels, including (You) Set Me on Fire (2012), Fake ID (2005), and Cover Me (2000). In addition to being an accomplished writer of fiction, Mariko is also a playwright, a performer, an activist, and a filmmaker. Come see Mariko in all of her multi-talented glory at Serendipity 2015.

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Edgy, Eerie, Exceptional Serendipity takes place March 7, 2015 at UBC.