Top 10 Reasons You Need to Be at Serendipty 2014

10.  You want to find out how Mr. Schu can possibly work and tweet 24/7!
9.  You can’t wait to hear about Paul O. Zelinsky’s trip to see the aurora borealis in Whitehorse.
8.  You still can’t figure out how Arthur Slade used crowd sourcing to fund his latest book.
7.  You’re curious to know what real experience Hadley Dyer has growing potatoes, anyway.
6. You love lunches from Calhouns.
5. You’re selecting new apps for the library and you’ve heard Loud Crow has some good ones.
4.  You’re certain Travis Jonker must have secret Internet bots that find all those great links for him.
3.  You need to know all about Tim Federle‘s  upcoming Theater Kid Chronicles.
2.  You’re excited to purchase some of our presenters’ books from Vancouver Kidsbooks.
1.  Because everyone you know will be there!

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